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Autel MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator Programming Tool

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Autel MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator Programming Tool

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The MaxiIM KM100 is a new key programming tool that combines OBD IMMO programming, universal key generating, key renewal, transponder editing and other services in one Android 9.0 based 5.5-inch tablet with a 4,950 mA battery and 2G RAM & 64G on-board memory. Powered by sophisticated hardware, MaxiIM KM100 ensures quick response and user-friendliness. It can be paired with Autel IKEY to provide professional key programming solutions. The kit includes 2 IKEYs, programmable smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles

Hardware Specs:

  • OE-Level Quality
  • Screen: Size: 5.5 Inch
  • Resolution: 1,280x720px
  • 64G Memory, 2G RAM
  • 8MP Camera
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Battery: 4,950 mAh

Key Functions:

  • 60-Second Key Generation (Autel Universal Only)
  • Transponder Reading/Writing/Cloning
  • Frequency Detection & Ignition Coil Detection
  • Compatible With Autel Blank Universal Smart Keys
  • Key Renewal: Supporting 36 Vehicle Makes
  • Button Assignment: Supporting 20 Categories
  • Dual-Band, High Frequency
  • Transmitter 315m/434m or 868m/915m Supporting Certification Requirements of Various Regions.
  • Supporting PLC V200

Vehicle Compatibility:

  • Support AutoVIN
  • Simple Operation, Guided User Instructions for IMMO
  • Easy To Use Industry-Leading Coverage Of IMMO Learning Via OBD For More Than 90% Of Models
  • Supporting 8 Key Series And 37 Models
  • Covering The Top 100 Selling Models In North America For The Last 10 Years

MaxiIM KM100 is an advanced key and immobilizer touchscreen tablet capable of smart key creation and IMMO learning via OBD. This 5.5-inch, Android touchscreen tablet with Bluetooth VCI can program the Autel IKEY as a smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles and offers IMMO programming capability for multiple vehicle brands including BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, and General Motors. Additional innovative features include key renewal and Transponder Editing of 20 supported protocols.


  • Advanced key and immobilizer 5.5-inch touchscreen tablet with 2 IKEYS
  • Program Autel’s IKEY universal keys as smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles
  • One-minute Key generation, Easy key button customization
  • Chip Read and Write, Cloning and Frequency Detection
  • Extensive IMMO Key programming coverage including BMW, VW, Toyota, Honda and GM
  • Reads/displays IMMO info including IMMO ECU, VIN and Pin code
  • IMMO functions: key learning, remote control learning, remote control add
  • Key Unlocking, Key Renewal, Toyota Smart Key Unlocking
  • Includes Bluetooth-enabled VCI
  • Includes one year of free software updates and one-year limited warranty


KM100 - IMMO Pairing:

KM100 - Simulation:

The Universal Programmable Smart Key:

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