Remote Refurbishing Center

What's Included in the Service:

  • Inspect & Confirm Remote Transmits
  • Cleaning of Existing OEM Logo'd Case or Replace with Non-Logo'd case if OEM case is Deemed Unusable
  • Install New High Quality Battery
  • Unlock/Virginize
  • Replace Blade
  • Keys will be Bagged by SKU with Appropriate Locksmith Label Applied for Return Shipment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Price List 


  • Please do not send remotes that are not on the price list
  • All remotes sent in must be OEM with logo
  • Price includes either existing shell cleaning or replacement with no logo shell (customer choice)
***Key Innovations reserves the right to decline services on items at our discretion. Customer can be billed for services rendered and by sending in product you agree to these terms****


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Smart Keys:


Price Description FCC's                  
 $    15.00 Audi Smart Key Unlocking Service IYZFBSB802  
 $    12.00 Cadillac Smart Key - HYQ2AB/2EB - Unlocking Service HYQ2AB/2EB  
 $    12.00 Cadillac Smart Key - Old Style Smart Key Unlocking Service NBG009768T, NBGGD9C04  
 $    12.00 Ford Re-Blading RHK Refurbishing Service OUCD6000022, CWTWB1U793  
 $    12.00 GM Flip Key - Unlocking Service OHT01060512, P4O9MK74946931, AVL-B01T2AC, A2GM3AFUS03, KR55WK50073  
 $    25.00 GM New Style Flip Key Unlocking Service LXP-T004, LXP-T003  
 $    12.00 GM Smart Key - HYQ4AA/4EA & HYQ1AA/1EA & HYQ4ES/AS - Unlocking Service HYQ4AA/4EA & HYQ1AA/1EA & HYQ4ES/AS  
 $    15.00 Honda New Style RHK Unlocking Service MLBHLIK6-1TA  
 $    25.00 Jeep Wrangler Flip Key Unlocking Service OHT1130261   
 $    15.00 Limited BMW Smart Key Unlocking Service  
 $    15.00 Mini Cooper Unlocking Service KR55WK49333  
 $    12.00 Mitsubishi RHK Unlocking Service OUCG8D-620M-A, OUCG8D-625M-A, OUCG8D-625M-A-HF, OUCJ166N  
 $    15.00 Mitsubishi Smart Key Unlocking Service  
 $    15.00 Mopar Smart Unlocking - Ram / Jeep / Fiat / Chrysler (Pacifica) GQ4-54T, M3N40821302, M3N-97395900  
 $    12.00 Mopar Unlocking - RHK, IYZ, 53T, Dart KOBDT04A, M3N5WY72XX, OHT692413AA/27AA, IYZ-C01C, GQ4-53T, M3N-32297100  
 $    15.00 Nissan Rogue Flip Key Unlocking Service CWTWB1G767  
 $    25.00 RAM 6TH Generation Smart Key Unlocking Service OHT-4882056,  GQ4-76T  
 $    12.00 Toyota/Lexus/Subaru Smart Key Unlocking Service HYQ14AAB, HYQ14AAF, HYQ14ACX, HYQ14ADR, HYQ14AEM, HYQ14FBA, HYQ14AHC, HYQ14AHK
 $    15.00 Volkswagen Flip Key Refurbishing Service 1J0-959-753-F/P/H/AM/DC, 1J0-959-756-AM/DC