Autel is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced automotive diagnostic tools, including the tools used to program remote-entry keys and fobs. Key Innovations is the best place to find a wide assortment of Autel key programmers as well as smart keys, diagnostic tools and other solutions.

Discover top-notch Autel key programming tools like the IM608 at Key Innovations, perfect for locksmiths making keys for Mercedes and BMW, and most other vehicles on the road. These tools do it all - from programming universal remotes to diagnosing car issues. Find everything you need for car key programming and diagnostics with Autel. To learn more about our full range of Autel key programming tools and everything else we offer from this brand, browse through the product listings on this page. We carry a large inventory of Autel key fob programmers, scanners and more.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use an Autel diagnostic scanner?


The scanner must be connected to the vehicle’s Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) or OBD2 port. . Enter the VIN into the scanner as well as any requested details such as engine or model. Once the scanner has the proper information, it will provide you with error codes that describe anything that may require servicing.


Which Autel scanners can program keys?


There are several models of scanners from Autel that also provide key programming capabilities. These include:


  • IM508S This touchscreen scanner includes the company’s XP200 key programmer, enabling it to program keys for vehicles from most U.S. and Asian manufacturers.
  • IM608 IIOne of the company’s most powerful tools, this tablet device combines diagnostics and service functions with Autel key programmer
  • KM100 – Small handheld key programmer with most of the functions of the IM508


Does Autel require a subscription?


Yes, most Autel tools require a subscription however they usually include 1 year free when you purcahse a new machine. That’s because many manufacturers require server connections for most diagnostics. Having an active subscription ensures technicians have the proper verification to access these servers and collect information.