keyinnovations keyless2go

Higher Grade Materials to Ensure OEM
Like Quality and Reliability

  • High quality premium composite cases
  • Proven electronic circuitry
  • Button controls with superior tactile feel
  • Premium Duracell batteries for maximum life
  • Metal blades that are not too hard or too soft
Exhaustive Product Testing

Conducted by practicing locksmiths in the community with decades of combined experience

Superior Quality Control

All keys are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure maximum OEM like quality and reliability.

Industry leading warranty

All Keyless2Go keys are backed with a one year warranty.
That's peace of mind

Broad Market Coverage

450+ lab tested FCC registered remotes covering 90% of the vehicles on the road.


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Keyless2Go 4 Button Replacement Remote 315 Mhz for GM M3N-32337100 22881480

Sold out
Keyless2Go 3 Button Flip Key Replacement for Ford N5F-A08TAA 164-R8130

Sold out
Keyless2Go 5 Button Replacement Remote Flip Key For GM OHT01060512

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Keyless2Go Proximity Smart Key Replacement for Nissan KR55WK48903 KR55WK49622

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