Opening the Trunk of a 2005 Bentley Continental GT 2-Door with a Dead Battery: A Guide

Posted by KI Professionals on Mar 5th 2024

Today's tech tip provides instructions for accessing the boot of a 2005 Bentley Continental GT 2-Door Coupe.

The battery of this vehicle is located in the boot, and in many cases, the battery is dead. Before attempting to create a key for the car, it's necessary to open the boot and provide power to the battery. The battery is situated on the right-hand side of the vehicle above the passenger tire, behind a cover panel within the boot.

Here's how to get power to your car to open the boot when the battery is dead:

  • Start by opening the hood of the car.
  • Once the hood is open, locate the trim panel with red arrows.
  • Pull the trim panel straight up to access the necessary components.

In this picture, you can see the trim panel has been removed. To access the jump-off points, we need to remove a single 30-star head screw, which is indicated by the blue arrow. Once the screw is removed, we can proceed to remove the air intake. The following slide also demonstrates the removal of the trim panel, removal of the same 30-star head screw, and removal of the air intake to gain access to the jump-off points.

In this image, the air intake has been removed, revealing the positive jump point underneath a black plastic cover. The red arrow points to the location of the positive jump point. To attach the positive cable, you will need to remove this cover.

We can now hook up the Positive and negative cables to power up the car to open the boot I used the screw for the shock on the front passenger side under the air intake for the negative cable.

Now that power has been connected, we can use the interior trunk release to open the boot and provide power to the battery. Please note that the jump points utilized under the hood are intended solely for the purpose of opening the boot. Be sure to switch the cables over to the battery before commencing any key programming.

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